Unicorn Preparatory uses an administration system called "Staffroom".  This is an online based system and has several new features; both for the school and for parents.  One of the parental features is the Parental Portal.  This portal is called the Intouch Parent/Student portal and is there for your convenience to access relevant school information regarding your child/children.

          To access the portal please execute the following steps.

·         Click on the following URL link, or copy and paste the URL into your browser address bar: https://unicornschool.intouch.zone/public/login

·         This will open the registration page - Click on Register.

·         Enter your email address using the following email address as recorded in Staffroom NB!  This email address must be the one you have supplied to the school.  If your email address has changed you will need to email Mrs Hayes on admin@unicornschool.co.zaso that we can update it onto our system.  Email addresses which have not been uploaded onto our system will not be allowed to register for the parental portal.

·         Select “As Parent” from the drop down.  The student portal is not active as yet.  we may look at that in the future.

·         Select Create Account.

·         Once completed you will be sent a confirmation email which will include a link you can use to complete your registration.

·         Click on the link to go to the Intouch Portal Login Page where you will need to enter your email address and new password to access the website.

·         Please note there are password restrictions and the password must meet the following Criteria:  

·         The password has to be at least 8 characters

·         Contain at least one upper case character

·         Contain at least one alphanumeric character


Should you need any help please select the Need Help? link on the registration page or contact the school on secretary@unicornschool.co.za



The complete school calendar, as updated, also appears on the Parental Portal. Because of this it is quite important that each parent logs onto the Unicorn Parental Portal to have access to the online calendar.